Happy 4th of July!!!
This is the story of a baby Bluebird  

Our best 4th of July came when a baby bluebird fell out of the sky five years ago.

He had fallen out of his nest and looked pretty ragged when our dog,Old Yeller found him. We didn't think he'd last the night.
But he looked pretty perky the next morning!

We called the vet and he said it probably wouldn't live long.
So we dug up worms and fed him. He ate them very happily.
He began chirping very loudly, so we named him "Cheep-Cheep"
The next morning, I took him out on the porch to feed him. I left him alone for  a minute.
When I came back, there was a female bluebird fluttering under the rafters of the front porch. His mama!

So we took his basket and hung it in a tree close by. And waited....

His papa was the first to come and check him out!

Then his mama took over. He was in good hands, er, wings. 
We hung him out a few hours every morning and afternoon, and brought him inside every night.
This went on for almost two weeks.

He was so strong, we knew he'd be leaving any day.

Here he is, getting his flying orders.
It was July 4th, 2002.

Peeking over the side of his basket...

Up on the side of the basket !!!
( his parents were calling to him)
Then he took to the skies!

A home for Cheep-Cheep. We know he's not far away...

And so he returned to the sky on the 4th of July.
    An amazing experience.

We like what Thoreau said about bluebirds:

  "He carries the sky on his back"

Jesse & Joy McReynolds

copyright Joy McReynolds©